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Our clients come to us
for an unconventional, modern perspective.


Modern brands are more than just a logo, and their expressions are constantly evolving. We take a holistic approach to branding, connecting graphic identity to product design to market strategy — and everything in between.

In a chaotic world of subway takeovers and Snapchat filters, we create immediately effective work with lasting impact.


What is commonly known as advertising has changed drastically over the past sixty years, and continues to change almost daily. But whether you like it or not, words and pictures still work pretty well.

We bring a contemporary approach to this age-old discipline, making it relevant within today's marketing landscape.


Everyone understands the importance of an online presence. But increased awareness means more competition for attention and higher standards for enjoyment.

We execute beautiful and logical digital experiences that keep people coming back.

Our client experience includes
the following brands.

Helmut Lang
Ann Taylor

Alexander Wang

Calvin Klein

Hello Mr

Feel is located in the heart of New York City.

Korey Vincent

Korey is a New York-based creative director and the founder of Feel.

After studying fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Korey joined Alexander Wang as the nascent brand's first in-house art director, helping to turn it into the venerable fashion house it is today. Since then, he has worked with numerous brands including Gap, Virgin Hotels, Target, Theory, and Helmut Lang on projects ranging from campaigns to complete rebrands.

During his many years spent bridging the gap between brands and agencies, Korey saw the need for a new type of creative partner, and thus Feel was born.


Zhang Qingyun
Lily Clark
Renata Espinosa
Fabian Wohlfart
Nicolas KK
Tristan Scow
Erik Carter
Ray Ferraro

Hannes Famira 
Nolan McHugh
Trevor Briggs
Ingo Lemper
John Friel
Asher Penn
Christine Corey