Evolve to break through.

Nellie Partow approached Feel as her cult fashion label reached a critical threshold: it was ready to grow, but needed a partner to navigate the difficult repositioning process. Over the course of nine months, we worked to comprehensively define the new direction of the surging brand. 

What was previously known as Nellie Partow became simply Partow, with a new identity better suited to the high-end garments for which the designer is praised. Along with the graphic elements, Feel created a world around the Partow girl, for the first time establishing an ownable attitude and spirit around the label.

To create cohesion between all aspects of the brand, we applied the new identity and ethos to an elegant web store redesign.

For the relaunch lookbook, we commissioned a formidable team—photographer Maciek Kobielski and stylist Camilla Nickerson—to interpret and communicate the new spirit of Partow.

Feel continues to work with Partow to build on the foundation we created, pushing the brand to new heights season after season.

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