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a time.

In November 2015, Feel began working with the founders of Piaule to introduce the brand to the world. From the outset, we sought to differentiate Piaule from the mainstays of the home industry with elevated taste and design.

After careful execution of the brand identity, we commissioned photographer Laurence Ellis, stylist Celestine Cooney, and model Heather Boo—a team rooted in the fashion world—to showcase Piaule's flagship product, the Bath Towel. 

The resulting campaign immediately established Piaule's credibility as it was distributed and shared online, on Instagram, in print, and in OOH ads.

Further embracing the essentialist spirit of the brand, our design for Piaule's web store placed emphasis on beautiful imagery and a simplified user experience.

After a successful launch, Feel worked with Piaule to introduce their second product, Tableware, commissioning photographer Matthew Tammaro to continue solidifying the brand's aesthetic.

For Piaule's next product, Glassware, Feel worked with photographer Zhang Qingyun to push the brand further into unconventional territory, creating completely original and stunning imagery.

Feel continues to work with Piaule as a creative partner and remains an integral influence on both short-term and long-term strategy.

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