Bringing the brand back to life with new direction.

Beginning in 2014, Feel partnered with Theory as they embarked on a complete rebrand and relaunch centered around the strategic position of "intelligent design for intelligent people." While Wednesday tackled the graphic identity, Feel worked to clarify the brand’s purpose and express it, with intent and originality, across the entirety of the brand.

Feel's relaunch campaign concept, which centered around legendary photographer David Sims, was executed by Wednesday and lauded across the fashion world and beyond.

With comprehensive brand guidelines, we redefined Theory for today's sophisticated consumer landscape.

Taking inspiration from the new brand ethos, we envisioned vivid and evocative imagery that spoke to a modern, cultured customer and underlined Theory's commitment to considered design and individual empowerment.

We also applied the reinvigorated brand direction to Theory's new athletic apparel line, Theory+, and created their first-ever campaign.

Feel's work ultimately set the stage for award-winning global advertising campaigns, and laid the groundwork for how the brand is defined today. 

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